Hannes Schick - photographer and journalist

1977-80: Hannes Schick studies communication, journalism and psycology at the University of Salzburg and Vienna in Austria and realizes his first reportage on the israeli-palestinian conflict.

1980-82: Travels to Los Angeles, New York, Berlin and London to realize the reportage "Blank Generation" on urban youth movements. A collection of this works are exhibited in the gallery Il Diaframma in Milan.

1982-85: Schick starts to work in Milan and Paris as fashion and advertising photographer.

1985-90: He moves to New York where he discovers his preference for geopolitical and social themes. He documents the rebellions and civil wars in Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador and realizes reportages on the genocide of indigenous populations throughout South and Central America.

1990-95: Schick moves back to Milan where he works with leading Italian magazines and also starts to write the texts for his photo-essays. As foreign correspondant for the weekly magazine “L’Europeo” he covers the Bush-Gorbachev summit, the Coup against Gorbachev and realizes reportages on Russian prisons, Chernobyl and many other social issues. His photographs of the wars in the former Jugoslavia are distributed by the network Contrasto-Magnum-Katz and published worldwide in magazines like Stern, Spiegel, Il Mondo, Newsweek. Personal photographic exhibitions New York, Paris and various italian cities.

1995-2005: Years of intense journalistic and photographic work. Hannes Schick realizes reportages on child prostitution and the effects of land mines in Cambodia and travels extensively through Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet, Nepal, Ecuador, Perů, Bolivia and the Amazon forest to document the difficult situation of indigenous populations and their fight for survival.

2006-today: Hannes Schick realizes a series of photojournalistic works about Palestina, Israel, Iran and other countries of the Middle-East to cover the build-up of tension in that region. He collaborates with the Corriere della Sera - Io Donna and other important magazines as journalist and photographer. Throughout his career Hannes Schick continues to work for life-style magazines as well as advertising agencies who appreciate his journalistic eye and ecclectic style.